We’ve been thinking that our brains need a workout and a good old dose of fun.
What does that better than an escape room? Unfortunately, like a lot of the world, we have been closed for far too long.
So we looked elsewhere and found another world full of online escapes and games. We’ve done the ‘hard work’ and played quite a few between us.
We now proudly present some of our favourites…

We played both of Edaqa’s rooms and loved the styling, silly sense of humour and overall fun. Don’t let the cartoon style fool you into thinking they’re too easy. Some simple puzzles and some that will get even the most robust of brains working up a sweat.

Carnival is set…. at a carnival. You’ve heard rumours of a secret society hiding there. Testing potential new members with puzzles spread throughout the fair grounds. Prototype is set in an escape room. They need a new games host and it’s your first day on the job. Unfortunately, you are accidentally locked inside. These are both point and click adventures, so you can explore the cartoon worlds. If playing with multiple people you can even choose to split up. We recommend these as easy-to-use introduction to online escapes.

We really enjoyed these fiendish escape games. We especially loved the ‘backpack’ feature. This is where you can select and see the items and clues on your phone which allows fellow players to collaborate remotely with ease. Really smooth, simple set up with great puzzle variation.

In ESC from Cell 126 you and your team have been locked up for unspecified crimes in a high security prison. Follow the clues left by a former inmate if you want to break out too! Classic Escape Room fare.
A criminal organization have been terrorizing the globe, operating via a fleet of submarines. You have managed to stow aboard an unmanned sub in the network. Can your team stop the next attack!?!