Language Schools

Looking for an interesting and unusual Brighton themed activity for your students? All our escape rooms are themed around Brighton’s geography and/or history so players learn about Brighton as they are playing and get to immerse themselves in the whole Brighton experience.

For All Abilities

Because our escape rooms have a wide variety of puzzles, they are suitable for groups with mixed English speaking ability and all different strengths and preferences. All the guidance at the beginning of the games and all in-game clues are given in English so it will help teams to practice their English in a really fun and different setting.

Groups Large and Small

Our games are suitable for young people aged 13 upwards unaccompanied or younger groups require an adult to supervise. Having five different escape rooms means we can take groups of up to 36 people at once playing in different rooms but starting at the same time.

Language School Discounts

Language schools receive a 10% discount off the listed prices with an additional 10% discount (so 20% off in total) if they are recommended by another school or book alongside another school or department/location. You need a minimum of 10 players to receive these discounts.

All About Brighton

Want to make a whole Brighton themed day of it? Our sister company, Paradox Place, is a Brighton themed house of optical illusions and 3D artwork that is great fun for a visit and enables visitors to take the most extraordinary selfies to show all their friends and family back home. Discounted packages are available for groups booking both Pier Pressure and Paradox Place on the same day.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions by calling 01273 220388 or emailing