Most people nowadays know roughly what an escape room is or have at least heard of them. Many, however, may not be aware of the more niche world of escape room devotees who love escape rooms so much they travel around the world seeking out the best ones. Naturally, these escape room buffs have websites, blogs and online communities to allow them to share their passion with like-minded people and some of these have become highly respected in the escape room world for, if nothing else, the sheer awe-inspiring numbers of escape rooms they have experienced and written about.  Recently, we have been fortunate enough to have one of our rooms given awards by such websites and this is why it’s such a big deal:

Top Escape Rooms Project

When talking about gobsmacking numbers of escape rooms played, there are none more astonishing than the Top Escape Rooms Project which boosts over 82,800 rooms played by 370 contributors. That’s an average of 223 escape rooms played each! That’s just a mean average though and some of these people have actually played many many more than that. These escape room enthusiasts have put together a list of the best escape rooms in the world using their extensive experience to nominate and then rank their favourite rooms.

TERPECA (Top Escape Rooms Project, Enthusiasts’ Choice Awards)

For an escape room to make it into the TERPECA top escape rooms list, it has to be nominated by a minimum of two enthusiasts who have played at least 200 escape rooms each to even enter into the first round. They were allowed to nominate 20 rooms each. In 2019, we were delighted to find out that our room Loot the Lanes had been nominated by three such individuals and so made it into the first round. The second round consisted of people who had played at least 50 escape rooms ranking the nominated rooms they had played in order of preference. In the final overall ranking, Loot the Lanes ranked 67th out of over 82,800 rooms in total played all over the world and was the highest-ranking UK based room. To say we were absolutely ecstatic about this is an understatement.

Golden Keys Award

Ken Ferguson is well known in the escape room world for his blog The Logic Escapes Me where he reviews escape rooms. During his time running this blog, he has played and reviewed over 800 escape rooms so his opinion on rooms is highly respected in the industry. At the end of each year, he awards his Golden Keys Award to his favourite rooms he played in that year.  This year, he played 116 games and awarded Loot the Lanes one of his Golden Keys Awards, one of only 4 in the UK. Talking about the room, he said, “I was mesmerised and spent the first few moments looking at the set detail they’d added”.

As huge escape room enthusiasts ourselves, we are absolutely thrilled to have Loot the Lanes receive this kind of recognition. If you would like any more information about these awards or would like to try Loot the Lanes or any of our other rooms to see what the fuss is all about, please get in touch by calling 01273 220388 or emailing info@localhost.